Frequently asked questions

Because our unique, internationally patented freezing method is a 100% physical process that doesn’t rely on chemicals or preservatives. This makes it possible for produce to maintain all its structure, flavour and nutrients – just like when it is fresh.

The main advantage is the quality of our products. Traditionally frozen foods (IQF) shrink, and lose much of their structure and nutrients during thawing, but Long Fresh foods do not undergo these changes. They maintain the same properties as the day they were collected and prepared.

Our freezing process converts perishable foods into imperishable ones, eliminating oxidation and seasonal limitations. This allows fruit and vegetables to be enjoyed all year round in the same way as fresh produce. These foods, which start out with better quality and flavour because they can be harvested at the ideal moment of ripeness, are fresh, cut, peeled, and ready to eat after thawing. Processing wastage and the CO₂ footprint are also reduced as less transportation is needed.

Not at all. The produce keeps all its flavours and nutrients; even the texture remains the same.

As long as any fresh food or peeled fruit. The important thing is that, unlike foods kept in the fridge and continually losing freshness, Long Fresh products maintain their freshness intact in the freezer until the moment they are thawed.

Fresh foods are delicate, seasonal and local. Long Fresh overcomes these challenges, making fresh and healthy produce available anytime, anywhere in the world. The process also helps stabilise prices by eliminating seasonal impacts. 

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